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Community Volunteer Work that Makes a Difference

If you are interested in volunteering, leading projects, networking and having fun . You can do all of this and more as a Lions club member. As a Lion, you can perform volunteer work to improve your community and communities around the world.

You can join a local club that meets in person. A cyber club that meets online. Or a special interest club based on your profession, a hobby or anything you care about. You can plan a local project to protect the environment. Recycle eyeglasses to help the working poor. Or bring clean water to a remote village. Whatever you choose, you will be sharing, caring and making a difference.

Join an International Network of Volunteers and Friends

As a Lions club member, you will  join a local group of service-minded men and women who are doing volunteer work to support your community right now. You will also become a member of Lions Clubs International, a respected international organisation, a leader in your community and a friend to people in need.

There are many reasons to become a member. As a Lion, you will:

Becoming a Member


To find out more about the Lions Club of Doutta Galla you can contact:

     President:      Hamish Jones 0407 098 089

     Secretary:      Robyn Falloon 0428 310 043

     Treasurer:      Justin Bourke 0417 312 671

     Membership:  Justin Noonan 0412 164 304

     Website:         Terry Phippen 0488 115 433

Come along to a Lions 50:50 Pathways Forum and learn more about Lions