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Origin of "Doutta Galla"

The parish of Doutta Galla, forming part of the County of Bourke, of which Essendon is a part, was reportedly named after the wife of Jika Jika, who was John Batman's native servant. Jika Jika parish was on the east bank of the Moonee Ponds Creek and Doutta Galla on the west bank.  This is recorded in the March 1837 field book of surveyor Robert Hoddle.  

Borough of Essendon and Flemington 1820

Another source says that the name Doutta Galla (or Dutigalla) was the name of the tribe of aborigines on the original Batman treaty deed, signed on the banks of the Merri Creek, at Northcote. (Quote from "The Stop-Over That Stayed A History of Essendon" by Grant Aldous)

Over the Years

Where is Doutta Galla

The old Parish boundaries

The Name Doutta Galla? 

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Who were the Charter Members of the Lions Club of Doutta Galla?

Lions Club of Doutta Galla was chartered on the 12th May 2011. The District Governor's Bulletin of June 2011 lists the 21 charter members as Catherine Baldwin, Justin Bourke, Daniel Doherty, Glenn Falloon, Robyn Falloon, Stan Falloon, Paul Guiliano, James Hajjar, Catherine Hogan, Hamish Jones, Justin Lewis, Justin Noonan, Peter Noonan, Susan Phippen, Terry Phippen, Owen Piper and Rose Piper, Gess Rambaldi, Jocelyne Rambaldi, James Rankin, Rhonda Skinner and Bruno Vocale.