District 201V1-4, Victoria, Australia

Beyond Blue

  Beyond Blue 

Beyond Blue is the project chosen by the District Governor for 2012-2013. DG Fred was deeply affected by what he witnessed after the fires and floods that had hit rural Victoria in the past years. He has witnessed 1st hand the physical impacts of the natural disasters and became acutely aware of the terrible aftermath on the families affected.

Many families are struggling with the mental strain of losing their homes and livelihood, as well as perhaps losing a family member or close friend. Enormous mental strain was very visible.  

Our members are not trained to manage the support these people need, that is why we have gone out to support the professionals at Beyond Blue. 

All Lions Clubs recognise the amazing efforts these guys go to in supporting all these families.

The Lions Club of Doutta Galla is a proud supporter of this project, and club and personal donations have been made.

Follow this link to the main website for Beyond Blue for an in-depth review of all that this organisation is supporting in the community: 

Beyond Blue Home Page