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The Lions Club of Doutta Galla advises that the winning ticket of the Quilt – Esprit de Corps Pledge Draw was drawn at the Celebration Dinner on 5 June 2014 at Ascot House, Fenton Street, Ascot Vale.

The winning ticket: # 1436 belongs to Marie McAloon from Stawell, Victoria. Congratulations Marie and we hope that you will enjoy your wonderful prize of this spectacular handmade quilt.

We thank everyone from far and wide who supported this wonderful project with all proceeds going to the Caroline Chisholm Society to support women and families in need with material aid, counseling and assistance in many other ways.

Between 1500 and 2000 individuals and families are supported each year at this organisation, and as a result of the generosity of all who made Pledges, if will be possible to purchase the much needed purpose built storage equipment and furniture for the new Caroline Chisholm Society premises in Mt Alexander Road, Essendon.

We also thank the 21 very special quilters who generously gave their time and expertise to make this extraordinary quilt treasure. Without you all, the project would not have been possible and we know that many of you enjoyed the Esprit journey as well.

We are very proud to announce that $21,000 came from Pledges. In addition, the Australian Lions Foundation generously approved a grant for $15,000 making the total donation to Caroline Chisholm Society of $36,000.

Thank you all! 


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This Happy group of Lions are the recently chartered Lions Club of Quilters Victoria  sponsored by our club Doutta Galla.

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